This I Believe

Donald - Portland, Oregon
Entered on October 1, 2007
Age Group: 65+

At 10, I believe that my mother revealing to me of her pregnancy was the most amazing

thing in life. With my hand on her belly, I

quickly jerked away and yelled: “Ma ma !

are you ok, the baby moved ? ” After a laugh

she said: “Yes, Donald, I am ok and so is the

baby.” President Truman ordered the military

to intergrate. The negros ( blacks ) had to

endure some strong slur remarks, hazing and

I was in a few fights, this I keep believing will

pass in time. After basic , cohesiveness was

increasing. During the last two weeks before the end of my enlistment, we were given a

battery of test to gain some idea of what you

may be suited for in civilian life. I went to

work for the Post Office, president Kennedy

was in office. I do believe that I will never forget listening to his speech and the part he

said: “I believe that this nation can put a man

on the moon and safely return home.” My

career last 30 years with encouraging words,

respect and with people life Mr. Kennedy, this

I believe.