This I Believe

Katie - Lake Bluff, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


Standing in line at Six Flags Great America, flattened between an overweight, leather wearing, Harley Davidson driver and a girl wearing a jean miniskirt two sizes too small and tall neon pumps was definitely the last place I expected to discover my philosophy for life. Waiting two hours dehydrated in the hot sun surrounded by bad odor and cigarette smoke is not something I would usually choose to do. However, the thrill of boarding one of the tallest, fastest roller coasters in the park made it almost worthwhile.

The line continued to slowly move as we approached the middle of the crowd. Only half way left, we could finally see the ride towering over our heads. We could see the anxiety and excitement on the faces of the people in front of us while the people behind us wilted in anticipation.

My curiosity mixed with the extreme discomfort and boredom of waiting had caused me to fully engage myself into ease dropping on the conversation coming from a few people behind us. It was like my own mini soap opera, “Emily walked in on Billy while he was with Samantha at Josh’s?!”

“Oh my god, well what did she do?”

I was rather intrigued by the situation when suddenly I felt an unexpected breeze and a peculiar oddness. Laughter roared through the crowd as I realized my shorts were wrapped around my ankles. Nearly hundreds of strangers had seen my bare bottom!

I was so embarrassed as I realized about one hundred strangers were now staring at my pink flowered “Friday” underwear, to make matters worse it was Saturday afternoon. I had no choice, I couldn’t run and I definitely couldn’t pretend like it never happen, so I burst out laughing. Real genuine laughter, not out of humiliation but because of how funny the circumstances really were. The fact that I was squashed in line between so many random people without any pants was quite amusing. If you can’t laugh at yourself life will always be too stressful and no fun. In no way am I saying this wasn’t embarrassing, I went home and threw out all of my ‘days of the week’ panties, but it was well worth the amount of laughter and the few seconds enthusiasm while stuck in the monotony of amusement park lines. But of course, I will find it even funnier after vengeance is served.