This I Believe

Annelise - Lake Bluff, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that if I have faith in myself, I can achieve anything. Confidence is key in obtaining any goal. My father always tells me to think positive and reassures me that I will always do great on test days. As naive as it sounds, one day I actually took his advice. I walked into class to take a test and kept telling myself that I would ace it. However, I told myself I would ace the test with confidence, not worrying about the difficult questions. To my delight, it actually worked. Whenever I feel confident during a test and tell myself I will succeed, I always do.

The mind possesses more power than any of us can imagine. However, I recognize that intense power, allowing myself to accomplish anything that I truly believe in. In particular I believe that my confidence can be more powerful than studying. Last year prior to my first Environmental AP final, I discovered that one of my classmates was rushing to finish the study guide that was due that day. A week or so later, I learned that he, yes, the one rushing to finish the study guide less than an hour before the final, received the highest grade in the class. As upsetting as that was, it reinforced my belief even more. So yeah, I do think anything is possible…as long as you believe it. I doubt that I would be able to walk confidently into a test without studying, but that isn’t true for all people.

A key aspect to my belief is that the positive thoughts and confidence outweigh the negative and doubtful thoughts. I am constantly training myself to think only positive thoughts. I picture it this way, if I believe I can achieve an A on a test, then I can probably achieve an A+. It’s all a matter of believing in myself.

Along with believing in myself and using confidence to achieve a goal, I also believe in visualizing a goal. Every night when I get into bed I imagine my future. I picture myself in 15-20 years and I tell myself that that’s how my future will be. What I believe can be best described as a “blind faith”. I don’t know how I will obtain my goals but I have the utmost confidence that I can achieve them. Simply put, I believe in the power of the mind. If thoughts are focused on a certain subject, then decisions will be modified to bring a person closer to his/her goal. However, these decisions will be made subconsciously, without regards to thinking, “Will this get me closer to what I want?” As long as I have defined what I desire, my actions and decisions will fall in line.

To put my belief in other words, I believe in believing. The only thing I can always depend on is myself. If I believe in my capabilities, and myself in turn, I believe I can accomplish anything.