This I Believe

Tessie - annandale, Virginia
Entered on September 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, question

Behind every blind mans eyes there is still an image. It may not be the clearest but he still sees things. It may not be right but he still possesses an opinion on the matter. I believe that everyone has an opinion on something. Some would rather keep it closed up and kept to them selves, while others like to broadcast it to the world. I am not one that broadcasts my opinion but I am very blunt and if you ask me a question I will not sugarcoat the answer.

I have been lied to a lot throughout my life. As I am approaching the age of adult hood I am still unsure on what really happen when my parents divorced. There is always more then one side to a story, actually there’s multiple sides. I have heard everything from he was a sloppy no good man, to she was to commanding and overpowering. I heard nothing but load shouts from my bed room which walls seemed to be nothing but paper. I was only 2 but I still remember the sound.

I remember once, back when I was 6 living with my father, my mother called. Of curse she talked to me in a civil way but as soon as my dad’s red freckled ear hit the phone a shout was blasted out of the ear piece. I heard them argue (which most of the time means that my mom yells while my father listens) it was about 30 minuets long because she called right when Friends started and I interrupted their conversation when it was over. I looked up at my dad and told him that I was tired and wanted to go to bed. He looked at me nodded and told my mom that he would talk to her a later time and that I need to go to bed. They hung up and he stood up and started to walk to the stairs. He looked back at me and within seconds he knew that I wasn’t really tiered. He smiled and told me that everything was ok.

That was the very first lie I could remember, because less then 2 months later I moved in with my mother. That would probably be the last time I fully trusted someone. Every time someone says something to me I wonder if it is the truth or if it is another sugarcoated story. So I make it easy on people so that they don’t have to think the same thought as me and I tell them word for word what is on my mind, leaving me in trouble at times.