This I Believe

Lance - austin, Texas
Entered on September 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in helping people. It makes me feel good when I help someone. When I don’t I tend to feel bad about it almost immediately. It benefits everyone, as well as yourself. When I help people now I enjoy it because I know it will bring a smile to their face. After helping people and just trying to be nice and to be a good person, helps me feel better about myself.

When I was seven years old I as with my mom at the grocery store, and there was a woman who needed help with a heavy bag from a bottom shelf. I saw her trying to get it out and as she did, I walked away thinking that I probably should have helped her with the bag. All the sudden I hear her scream in pain, as I looked back I saw her on the ground. People ran up to her immediately, it was her back had gone out on her. Ever since this I have always tried my best to help people; it just feels like the right thing to do.

I felt so bad for the woman; she had two young kids with her too. I always think how I could have helped her when she needed it. Now I have learned from my mistake of not helping someone when I easily could have. I have realized you never know when you will regret not helping someone when you had the chance. As simply as helping someone seems like such a small thing to most people could actually turn into something life threatening for another. This is why I help when I can.

I hope everyone will learn from my mistake. I hope you help the next person you see, if you do, I bet you would feel good about it. It gives me a heart warming feeling every time I help someone. I feel like I have a better life because I help people, and I feel like the more I help people the more people help me in return.

One day after church, a kid asked if I could give him a ride home. I said “Yeah sure, why not.” We had a lot in common and became good friends. I met my best friend by giving him a ride home when he didn’t have one. You never know who you will be helping until you do it.