This I Believe

Luke - Countryside, Illinois
Entered on September 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe my fingers are magical, that they are one with the universe, and in Led Zeppelin. My fingers are my personal Swiss army knives, unique to myself. They were designed to overcome obstacles, even the simplest ones. Whatever tool I may not have I still have my fingers. We set our goals mostly within the tips of our fingers, just reachable but not easy to grasp, still anything can be achieved if we reach hard enough

I picked up the guitar a few years back. I did it from the feeling of just being alone. As a new kid, in the country, I did not think I would make any friends, just because of the language barrier. To my fingers languages did not matter, to them just existed that rosewood fret board, and the universal language of music. I spent most of my free time

Learning songs that I picked up rather quickly. As the year progressed, I have connected with people, made friends, and guitar became just a hobby. That did not mean I gave up on it.

Besides my family all I really had was music and Led Zeppelin, are definitely my favorite band of all time. I don’t know what would I do without riffs like “The Ocean ”

Or so famous, and infamous “Stairway to heaven.” I really feel somewhere when I listened to Zeppelin, and my guitar connected me even more.

I grew up in a family in which, if you didn’t eat what was on the table then you did not eat. That really widened my range of tastes, but waffles will always be my favorite. We had to make with what we had, but I always got something new as soon as an opportunity came along. That really thought me values, and thought me personally how to set goals, how to get a taste of something and want it. That gave me a feel in the tips of my fingers. I must honestly say it is a good feel, for I have yet to fail in some goals in life, and I am not going to give up on goals out of my reach either, and

Just holding someone close means a lot, even if close, isn’t close enough fingertips are there to make it one step closer.

If you seem to have nothing, just look around, and make something of what you have, of whom you have.