The Making of Memories

Alea - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on September 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

About 5 years ago, my family and I were in Wisconsin to visit my Uncle, Aunt and my cousin. One evening we decided to go out for pizza.

We walked into the typical pizza parlor with candles on the table, paper place mats, and crayons for the little ones to draw. We were seated at a large round table by a polite host. Everyone ordered their favorite type of pizza and constantly ate until we were all stuffed. While continuing to visit, my uncle decided to draw a picture of a person on a paper place mat. He was sitting next to my brother and my dad; I was across the table. My uncle wanted this to be a collective picture so he passed it to my brother and asked him to add something to the picture. My brother added pair of ripped jeans to the person. Soon enough the picture was passed around the table and it was my turn to add something to the drawing. I was 10 then thus I did not have any idea what to add to the picture. He was already a strange looking character, but he did not have any jewelry. That would be my contribution. I gave him a chain from his nose to his ear, and passed the picture along. When it got back to my uncle he held it up and everyone started laughing because the picture was terrible. There was anything and everything that you could add to this man, but it was a picture that we created as a family. I enjoy spending time with family and it is very important to me.

I believe that spending time with family, while laughing and sharing ideas makes the best of memories. That night was time well spent with family despite the fact that it has never been brought up again. To everyone else it may have just been a night at the pizza place, but for me it was a life lesson about the importance of spending time with family. It did not matter what was on the picture, all that mattered was that we created it, together, as a family. I still have the picture.

I never know when spending time with family will give me another memory that will last a lifetime.