God Watches over His Children

Austin - Gold Hill, North Carolina
Entered on September 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

As a parent watches over his or her child, God watches over His children. By children, I mean those people who believe and trust in Him. I know this fact from experience.

When I was in seventh grade, I was with my grandpa, grandma, and sister. Just recently, there had been a severe ice storm. My grandparents decided that they needed to go to the bank and afterwards we would get dinner at the What-a-burger in Mt. Pleasant. We rode in my grandparents’ Pathfinder. Not long after pulling out of the drive way we hit a patch of black ice; thankfully my grandpa regained control of the car. This should have been enough to make us turn around and go home, but we kept going anyway. After driving for about six or seven minutes, we passed a group of about four Hispanic people that had run off the road. We probably should have stopped to help them; ironically, we were the ones who would need help. After my grandpa had looked back at them, he hit another patch of black ice and we did a complete 360® spin in the road. Once we stopped spinning, we clipped off a stop sign and did a barrel roll down an embankment. After the car landed on the driver’s side, I was dangling from my seat belt over my sister. I remember having to jump off of the right rear tire to get off of the car. A lady from a nearby house called 911. When the ambulance got there they checked us all out. My grandpa had bruised his knee on the steering wheel, my grandma’s nose was broken by the air bag, my sister had a big knot on her head, and I only had a couple of scrapes. They took us to the North-East Medical Center. My mom worked there, so she was waiting for us when we got there. By that evening we had all checked out fine with no major injuries, except my grandma would later have to have surgery on her nose. We sat at my grandparents’ house talking about how thankful we were to be safe. We knew that God had been watching over us, because we might not still be here today.

God will protect His children. God will watch over those Christians who truly trust in Him. This I believe.