This I Believe

Sutton - Jacksonville, Florida
Entered on September 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure, sports, work

I believe Football is the greatest sport Football is a physical sport and mental one as well. I believe football teaches players more about life, than any other sport. The molding I went through to become a player was extraneous. But once I became a starter, the dedication and hard work was well worth it.

The discipline that comes with football is intense so mistakes can be kept at a minimum. Being on time to practice is important, if I was late I’d get punished. Punishment was never fun because running extra, after a long day of practice was not expected. But the humbleness of getting yelled at made me obligated to do right. Obeying authority is a key essential in life. And the repetition of coaches informing me what to do and not to do, taught me how to cope with everyday instructions.

The responsibility football required, also taught me how to create better work ethics. If I wouldn’t have played football, I wouldn’t have stayed, “on my toes”, to get good grades. But because I had to maintain a certain GPA, it caused me to focus on both. The responsibility of playing football and keeping up with academics taught me how to prioritize my time. In life I have to prioritize everything I do, so that I can keep my life flowing. Without responsibility, I could not succeed. The elevation of cluster would be much greater than I could handle. I believe the responsibility football taught me was a good lesson.

The hard work and dedication payed off when Friday nights rolled around. The excitement of the night wind blowing past my face-mask and the lights shining down on me, as the crowd watched, was an ecstatic feeling. The adrenaline that pumped through my veins was like an electrical shock, that I exercised onto my opponents. The mental therapy of hitting opposing players, helped me relieve stress. The high dose of excitement I received as I sacked the quarterback caused me to forget the negative aspects in life, when I heard the crowd chant my name.

I believe football is the best sport because it taught me how to become mature while having fun. Football taught me how to work with others and create a work ethic that I will use throughout life. Football I believe is the best sport because it’s fun and the fans are enthusiastic, which makes the hard work become animated. Full contact and cheering is everything a person wants in a luxury event. This is why I believe Football is the best sport.