This I Believe

Kelsey - western springs, Illinois
Entered on September 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

What do I believe in? Can you tell me? Can you make the decision for me? No you can’t. The only one to make that decision is me. That is why I have chosen to believe on free thought and voice. This world has been portrayed to let you have a choice on your own, but it is not necessarily true. Like in religion. Their beliefs have rules that you have to strictly follow or else you are not a true believer.

I will always remember my CCD class in the second grade. I am Catholic so for CCD I would go to class every Sunday and be taught things such as the bible, God, Jesus, etc. That day we were learning about the 10 Commandments when a boy raised his hand and wanted to know what would happen if someone did not believe in the commandments. The teacher responded as nicely as she thought she could, and responded by saying that that person would not believe in Christianity. I do believe in the commandments, but what if I did not. Would that make me not a Catholic? I was baptized, I had my first communion, and I even had my confirmation. No. I would still be a Catholic. No one can tell you that you don’t believe in something when you do. Even though you do not agree with one rule does not mean you do not believe in it.

The right of thought and voice is not just shut down per say by religion but also by regular day life. While in school perhaps. Maybe one of you friends does not think you should go out for something like the chess team or the debate team because it’s not “cool” enough. It is your decision to want to join a team or not. Or maybe you have a dream of being perhaps and actor or actress, a singer, or model; all of which are hard to get into and to be very successful, so many would discourage it because it is not a “realistic” job. Maybe you still want to try it to see how far you can get or just because you love it enough. It is you own thought and should be supported in every way possible.

You own thought and voice are crucial for you in not just religion or on a social or success scale, but for you to be truly comfortable with yourself. You should not believe in something just because you are told to do so. You should do it because you do believe. And do not do something or not do something just because it is or is not popular or “in”, do it because you want to and it makes you YOU so you can give your own thought and voice to your own life.