This I Believe

Abby - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on September 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that pain is only temporary. I have always been someone who underestimates my own abilities. Believing in my self has not always been one of my strong points, but over the past few years I have realized that with hard work the feeling of accomplishment and reward is worth the pain. Recently I heard the statement, “Pain is only temporary” and it struck a cord. I have always felt that hard work was the key to success, but this statement portrayed exactly how I have always felt so simply. I was running at a cross country meet and the course was extremely hilly. My team mate and I were helping each other through the pain, “Dig, Dig, Dig,” were the only words we could get out through our heavy breathing. That is when a competitor said to us, “Girls, pain is only temporary, we can do this.” She was right, although my body may be telling me to stop and that I cannot go any further, I have to mentally tell myself that I can do it.

Pain can come in many different forms. Over the summer while I was on a bike trip in Michigan I challenged my self to never stop while going uphill whether it was fifty feet or two miles. This challenge was as much mental as it was physical. There were days when I would be traveling uphill for what seemed like hours and my legs burned with every turn of the pedal, but I kept pushing my self forward and never stopped. After the trip that was one of the things I was proudest of because even though I felt like I was going to break down at times, I never gave up.

There has been countless times where I have felt like giving up. Fights with friends, arguments with family members, more specifically with my sisters, or even stress to get good grades have all caused some sort of pain. I am not a shy person, to say the least, but I have always been someone who has a hard time approaching teachers. When I need extra help or even just a clarification it takes a lot of courage for me to talk to teachers one on one. I know that I need to speak with them in order to get their insight. Afterwards I always realize that they are there to help and it is always a positive experience that I was too worked up about. There is yet to be a time where I have not been able to make my way through the pain.

Working through these pains has helped raise my confidence and assured me that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I have realized that the only way I will overcome obstacles and be successful is to take life as it comes including its pain, whether it is physical, mental or emotional and realize that the feeling of satisfaction that comes with accomplishment is well worth any pain that I will ever endure.