This I Believe

Jordan - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on September 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the comfort of knowing someone will always be there for you. That no matter how sticky the situation, or how joyous the moment, you’ll have a friend there by your side. I believe it’s not only possible to have one, but eight best friends. Through out my life, I’ve had to make some hard choices and have been through some difficult times. One thing that has made these last four years some of the best years of my life has a lot to do with eight amazing girls.

I’ve smiled, danced, cried and laughed with them. Our personalities are so unique. There’s a little crazy in all of us, some more then others. There’s also a little quiet, outgoing, smart or funny part of each and everyone. I would probably be able to name all of their favorite colors, birthdays, and past relationships or crushes.

I wonder sometimes if it’s possible to have so many best friends. Do you ever just get sick of them? Yeah, I guess. Or feel suffocated or pressured to be with them? Never. I can go out with new friends for the night, but their the ones I text once I get home. When you develop such a close relationship with people, it’s hard not to think about them. For example, after a Cross Country meet one Saturday, I started to have trouble breathing and started crying. This has happened before, and the only person who can calm me down is one of my really close friends. I cry until I find her, and it’s mental and a little weird, but it’s true. I’ve made a pack with her recently that after every meet she has to come find me!

It’s pure enjoyment to have friends. If their your best friends or your school friends, it’s always good to know you have someone to pass notes with second period when your teacher is giving a lecture.

Although there have been so many great ups, there’s also been some devastating downs. Such as, break-ups, divorces, and deaths. I’ve grown so close to them and our friendship has become stronger then ever before.

I believe sometimes it’s ok to eat a whole tub of frosting, if your best friend is sharing it with you. Or scrape your knee when jumping off a swing, when your friend is on the ground laughing along. New people come and go, but your best friends are those who stay forever.