Running a Race

Katherin - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on September 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe life is like running a race. During a race, the runner tries to cross the finish line in the least amount of time possible. Life is a race against the clock where one is trying to get the most in as possible before the clock runs out.

As a freshman entering high school, I was not sure about what to expect. My grandpa compared the four years of high school to the four laps of a mile race. The first lap, you have to start out strong and not fall behind. The second lap, you just have to maintain and catch up if need be. The third lap is the hardest. Everything you have is tested on this lap. The fourth lap is when you kick it in and hope all of the work you have done has paid off. I have found this to be true so far during my high school career.

Growing up, I have seen that the word time is used a ton in all kinds of scenarios. The most I have heard it in though is, “Use your time wisely.” “Use your time wisely” or “Budget your time” as Coach Metz says is always said at cross country practice. It means to get the most out of the time you have as possible. She tells us that by getting the most out of the time that we have at practice as possible, we will do better in races. The race is won by the person who uses his or her training time wisely. I have seen how using time wisely pays off in the sport of running. When running a race, you are trying to get across the line faster than anyone else in the fastest time possible. I wear a light-weight uniform and racing spikes which barely weigh anything in an attempt to shave those few precious seconds off of my racing time. By also working hard in every minute of practice, my times will be faster.

In a way, life is a race against the clock. Everyone tries to get in as many experiences in as possible. Growing up, my parents have had me be involved in many activities. Sometimes when I would not want to try an activity, they would tell me that they want me to get the most out of being a kid as possible. I did not understand because back then it felt like I was going to be a kid forever. The activities were fun and I have many great memories from them. Looking back, my parents taught me a great life lesson from that: Get the most out of your time as possible, because time just races on. By getting the most out of your time as possible, you are winning the most important race: Life. This I believe.