This I Believe

Jasmine - Fairfax, Virginia
Entered on September 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in swimming.

Not a sport I personally belong to, but I’ve always marveled at the philosophy of swimming. Diving, head-first into a pool of ambiguity is consequential and worth taking a second to consider.

So, what exactly is going through the swimmer’s mind, the temperature of the water or his results?

What matters to him on the diving board?

What matters to us on ours?

The intention of a swimmer is not to adapt slowly to the conditions of the water, but have the water provide for him in a splash! The water’s purpose is to allow him to slide, to stroke, to swim. Life’s purpose is to allow us to glide, to joke, to grin.

Life isn’t always as graceful as a butterfly, however. Sometimes we must rely on our relay team and shout faithfully our last leg will finish his turn successfully. Sometimes, we must rely solely on ourselves. We must give it our all into one freestyle method. Then, when we’re lucky enough, the water is just there to allow us to float.

A swimmer hears the audience’s applause only when he comes up for air. “Go! Pause… Go! Pause… Go… Pause.” Life should be just in that fashion. Support should be what we breathe in.

A swimmers schedule is so difficult, however. It’s all about being faster than everyone; thus, hours are spent shaving seconds, milliseconds off our best effort.

Swimming should be everyone’s life philosophy, everyone’s moral code and everyone’s foundation because I believe people are entitled to their best life. To reach a “best life” status, we need to learn how to work with a team on relay, but also perfect our freestyles.

When we finally reach our goal, when we win that gold medal, get our dream job, become a leader, save the universe, finally the world will see our hours were worth shaving off milliseconds from them. We must do everything a swimmer does. That is, we must prevail, claim our terrain as our home and dive into our potential.

I believe many people are like swimmers, already. We want to win, we want to prevail and just because the water masks it and the audience can’t see it, we’re all sweating.