This I Believe

Kevin - USA
Entered on September 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I Believe

I believe that family is the most important thing in the world. I would find life to be extremely boring without it.

I fight with my siblings and yell at my parents but in the end its all right. Families should fight though because if they didn’t then it would seem too perfect and that would not be fun. When I was 10 my sister hit me in the face with a hammer and I got mad but its not like I kicked her out of my family. I simply hit her back while I was screaming and bleeding. All the family talks I experience really make family worthwhile. I remember this one time when we were coming back from our lake house and my older bro was going back to college at Iowa when my parents started to lecture on him. I was listening to my Ipod, and when the talking got louder I paused it and just listened and laughed at him because I wasn’t getting yelled at. Every family is different and I can say that my family is really different from others.

I believe in family because they are always teaching me new things and there personalities I just couldn’t find in people anywhere else but it my family. My bro is sometimes a bully and when I used to play sports with him all he would do is trash talk which is gift he has toned well and I realized that all he’s doing is trying to teach to me is not to allow people to get in my head. My sisters really taught me to control myself because they can sometimes really tick me off the way that sisters do. I realize that all there doing is teaching me on what some people can be like and to avoid them and I’m not saying that I avoid my sisters. My parents teach me everything else that involves turning into a man but sometimes parents can just get on anyone’s nerve.

Without family where would the funny and sometimes embarrassing stories come from? When my brother went to college this year, as a sophomore, I helped bring his things back. When he saw this one girl that he hung out with last year the first thing he says is, “ You’re going to wash my clothes again this year Right?” Now that shows his laziness and when my parents heard this they couldn’t believe it. I just fulfilled the family duty and just made my brother sound like the laziest kid ever.

Family is the most important thing that anyone can posses and I believe that when I get older I will always still be tight with my FAM because with out it I’m lost and bored in a large world.