This I Believe

Steve - Cookeville, Tennessee
Entered on September 26, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe.

I am an average person that believes in GOD with all my heart, I contribute my success to God, a great wife, 2 wonderful boys and my parents. I have worked in the medical field since 1984, and am proud to be a Christian American.

I as well as most Americans realistically know our government has an open check book policy. We the people finance the running of OUR Country and deserve better accountability than what we have received in the past. I believe a 30% reduction in government spending, foreign aid and special interest groups will save Americans millions in tax money and more money in the tax payer’s pockets will help the economy.

I believe that our elected officials may have honorable attentions going into office but they are a minority their voice is not strong enough to make a difference; only one person (I believe can make a difference) The President of the United States. If the president utilized the voting booths, and monthly had the nation vote on 100 things like: Government spending, standardization of judicial punishment, Mars exploration, Home land security, ect. There are too many elected officials and big business that are working in their own financial behalf instead of the nations behalf. We need to bring businesses back to the greatest country the USA. If government wasteful spending was cut by 30% all Americans could have a comprehensive medical plan and reduce taxes this would better the economy also if a tax break was given to families that had at least one electric car (like the EV1) in the driveway and retrofit all government vehicles that would reduce our dependence on foreign and domestic oil and also go far in the fight on global warming.

I saw that Americans stood together for 3-4 months after 911, but due to our society we forget fast, we need something to fight for that rejuvenates our respect and pride in not only ourselves but in our nation. Americans feel they don’t have a say in how this country is run and this takes the wind out of the sails of each and every one of us we are tax payers and our opinions do count.

I don’t pretend to be have all the answers but I feel strongly that the President must be of strong moral fiber, someone with good common sense, a Christ like out look on life with the brass to stand up to the pressure from congress, gas companies and what ever entity that stands in the way of getting this nation back on track. 4 years of this could go far in rebuilding this nation. One person I don’t care if this person is Male, Female, Black, White, Democrat, Republican, ECT. I hope all 2008 presidential candidates get a copy of this and pray about it. GOD Almighty I pray you send such a person that will do your will and save this country’s soul and its respect for their fellow man.