This I Believe

Dylan - Tualatin, Oregon
Entered on September 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

When a person is lying to you, is there a feeling that you get in your stomach that something is not right? I do. Telling the truth is one of the most important thing in my life ever since I was a little baby boy. I see people being lied to everyday. I wish things could be different. When I was a young child, my parents gave me a sense of having good morals, and among them was to be as honest as possible. As I grew up, innocence had started to leave me and I understood how deceitful people could be. My sister, who I love very much, was never the most truthful person. She lied a lot and she usually paid for it in later life. She now knows that she should have never been dishonest in the first place. After I saw that she could change from being untrusting to trusting, I then felt that there is hope that anyone could be honest.

One of my friends had the same issue. She used to lie to her parents all the time, but for as long as I have known her, she has really tried to stop and get on the honesty bus. Some times I catch her not doing something that she shouldn’t be doing and make her change it. It may seem like a hassle at times but she thanks me for helping her. That showed me that no matter if the person is used to being dishonest, there is something in them that helps them find out right from wrong.

I know that some people enjoy lying and they may never be able to be helped, but I still feel there is hope. I believe that there is honesty in everyone; they just have to want to change.