Knowledge is power

Amanda - Penryn, California
Entered on September 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

As I sat in the softly lit, smoky atmosphere of a much too sophisticated party, I noticed something hanging on the wall. I noticed the colors first. Then the fishermen in his boat. I soaked in the vibrant color of the sun set against it’s motionless surroundings and I thought. The painting was so familiar yet so foreign. I knew that I had seen it before, but where. While consumed in thought, along with the eerie painting on the wall, I noticed a man. He sat in a deep burgundy chair that was placed right below the painting. The way he sat, sipping his drink and stroking his beard, made everyone else in the room seem to wither away. I knew, even if just for a moment in time, that I would have loved to show him that he wasn’t quite so superior to the rest if us as he thought. He caught my awkward eye contact at one point and I quickly moved my focus to the mural hanging above his head. He looked behind him, puzzled, and then leaned into me and he simply asked, “Please do help me out here, I seem to have forgotten who in the world painted that.” I smirked and said “Claude Monet, of course.” At that moment I knew at last what I would write my I believe paper on. A topic seeming so simple but a deceiving one at that. So I believe in knowledge. Knowledge is everything to me. It opens up doors that seemed forever locked. It gives me a breath of fresh air knowing that, because I am aware, maybe I do matter. I do have an opinion, and not just because I heard someone else say it but that I have gathered my knowledge and placed a value on the topic at hand. I enjoy knowing that there is life beyond the city limits of Penryn and Loomis, or outside of Del Oro High School. I start to understand that stupid little decisions like when or where I want to go shopping don’t matter so much. Whereas questions about the war, or the president, or famous paintings bring me to open up my eyes to the big picture, life. With knowledge and an open mind, my body and soul could go places beyond imagination. My knowledge of social behavior and human instincts gives me a sturdy foundation to bring on new friends. My knowledge of history and math gives me an awesome opportunity to strike up an exciting conversation with almost anyone. With knowledge comes responsibility, safety, excitement, and self-confidence. Knowledge is power, and in this I do believe.