This I Believe

Brandon - Wildwood, Missouri
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humanism

I am Brandon, a seventeen-year-old senior at Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis Missouri. As a high school student my beliefs are constantly questioned and tested. At a private high school, it is easy for me to live in a place where I do not have to worry about being persecuted, insulted, or looked down on for my beliefs. Sadly, the real world is not as such.

Being born and raised Catholic, I was taught from an early age about God the Father and Creator and His son Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. As a young child, I did not choose my religion but rather followed blindly, doing only as my parents, teachers, and authorities said. As I grew I began to wonder and ask myself such questions as “Who am I?”, “Where did people and this world really come from?” and “Why are we here?” It was then that these blindly followed beliefs were tested. As a teenager and young adult I began to discern what I truly believed. Were my beliefs my own or did they belong to my parents and loved ones?

During the end of my middle school and throughout my high school career, I have come up with my own beliefs. Being slightly rebellious, I thought that I would no longer be involved with an organized religion. That is until I realized that my beliefs followed closely those of the Catholic Church. It makes sense to me that there would be a divine creator. When I sit outside or see something such as a neighbor helping another, I see the beauty and complexity of the world in which we live. Could this organization and creative design really be an act of random chance?

I believe that humans are for the most part good. We have our natural flaws caused by the temptations of this world and are influenced so much in a somewhat negative society. Being naturally good, we as humans have the desire to help one another. To me this is the reason we are here. We share in the joys, sorrows and trials of life. I believe that we are social creatures and as a result, our society and communities are designed so that we can live and share with one another. As I see it, we are put on a path and given a burden to carry. Although we are so diverse we have a common goal. Those who are strong have been placed there to help those who are at times weak so that when they become weak, they may lean on another. In the end, we share in the joy of achieving our final goal of living a rich and full life. Only with each other can we, as humans, be who we were made to be. This I believe.