This I Believe

Eliza - 02446, Massachusetts
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Even without many things people in the United States would find it hard to live without, these people are the friendliest, happiest people I have ever met. They welcome you into their homes even without meeting you before, and as you walk down the street, you are always greeted, and usually end up in a ten or fifteen minute conversation before even realizing it. Little kids want to hold your hand after just meeting you, and time is what passes during the day only to bring you to the next day, instead of giving you an estimate of when you need to rush onto the next activity. Many people believe that you have to have a lot of material things to be happy, but I have seen first hand that material things mean nothing to being truly happy. Simplicity does not mean that you are lacking things; it just means that you can tell what is more important in life, just like the Maleku tribe.