This I Believe

Chaz - Penryn, California
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe in the lights on Friday nights, the smell of fresh cut grass, the feel of the pigskin, walking out of Vietnam, the darkness, the sound of the band, Epiphany, the roar, I believe in football.

“Always remember who you are and how you got to where you are. Love football but realize it won’t always love you back, but go all out in all you do. So when you look back you can say you gave everything.” -Heath Simmons. I’m not one of the kids that has dreamt of being a professional player since I was three years old. Not one of the kids who watched Monday Night Football every week. In fact, it wasn’t until I was in eighth grade when I found my calling. I signed up with a few of my friends not even really knowing how to play the game just that the coaches had recruited me to play because they saw me play baseball and basketball, but man, when I played my first down all I could think was this is my game, no one else’s. The team would go together to Del Oro every Friday night of a game, and I never paid much attention to the games, mostly just the girls. Then came freshman year, it was finally high school football and just like any other freshman football player, I thought I was pretty legit. Watching the varsity players though on Friday nights was like watching NFL players going head to head and I got to watch it every Friday. Sophomore JV season passed by which was the most fun I’d have in football, but in no time we were all Juniors. I was very disappointed because I did not start for the first time in my football career and for a few weeks I gave up, until a teammate let me know that I was a part of the team and I started busting my butt to improve the team and myself. Sadly that season ended abruptly when we lost to the powerhouse Grant in playoffs, but after that game we all came to realize that we were going to be seniors and it was our time to own this game. So for the last nine months our team has been working nearly every day getting better and becoming a team. What no one understands that doesn’t play football is that this is the strongest bond between fifty guys possible, we all eat, sleep, and breathe football and we’re all determined to be bigger, faster, and stronger than the next team. Football has taught me many things in life lessons and how to be great. One, is hard work and dedication, football is my passion and has made it easy to do those. Two, is self-discipline, all the coaches preach this and by practicing reading my keys and other players, I have almost perfected self-discipline. Finally three, to use my heart. Every day I step out on that field whether it’s a game or practice, I pour my heart and soul along with blood and sweat to do what I love. My dad has always told me to do what I love and put everything in it and that is what I’m determined to do, now all we have to do is win state and that’s the next destination.