This I Believe

Jenna - Loomis, California
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I started out thinking that I was going to write this essay about music, and tell people how music has effected my life and how it has changed me, but after I had written it the first time I decided that this topic wasn’t right for me so I decided to write about something a little more meaningful to me. So, I believe in standing up for yourself and standing by your beliefs no matter what other people say.

Through out my life I have had to deal with people trying to tell me that my beliefs were wrong and that I was wasting my time with them. Even my friends that I had for a long time were trying to get me to go against every thing that I believed in, and for a while it almost worked. I kept going thorough my life thinking that they were right I needed to change my beliefs and reset my priorities. After a while of doing that I found that I didn’t like who I was becoming, so I decided to stop believing in what other people told me to believe in, and found my own.

I tend to find my self of getting accused of things I didn’t do or made fun of by my friends, and this is where standing up for my self comes in. If I hadn’t learned to stand up for my self I would not be the kind and caring person I am today. I probably would have become filled with hate and anger, and would have trust problems, and I know people that this has happened to.

There are many other things that I can go into on how my belief’s on standing up for your self and standing by you beliefs no matter what, but I am going to keep it simple, and to the point. I know that standing up for what you believe in is important because they’re your beliefs and that’s what you know and what you will always know. And standing up for your self is just as important because if you don’t stand up for your self then no one will know your beliefs, and they wont learn to understand you.

That’s why I believe in standing up for yourself and standing up for what you believe.

“Don’t back down just to keep the peace. Standing up for your beliefs builds self-confidence and self-esteem.”—Oprah Winfrey