Keeping Your Friends Close

Anthony - Mahtomedi, Minnesota
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

As I grow up I am beginning to realize what I want in life. As the days go on I am beginning to realize what I need in life. Now there is one particular thing that I am thinking of but you need them more than everything. Without them you would suffer each and every day of your life.

These people are your friends. Maybe it is only one person, but that one person can make all of the difference. With whatever problem you may have you can go to this person for advice. Think for a second, your life with no friends. Always seeing other people having fun with their friends but you are alone ever night. The pain inside would be so unbearable I don’t think it would be worth living. Your friends can make all of the difference.

When I was in fifth grade we had a new student in our class. His name is Blake G–, no one really liked him for some reason, which I am not sure why. He looked as if he didn’t really have any friends but I walked up to him one day and asked if he wanted to hang out. He said “yeah sure” and we did. Now today we are best friends. I am not sure, but I think that I made a whole lot of difference in his life at that time. I introduced him to some of my friends and we are all really good friends now.

I have learned from this experience that you need to keep your friends close. Sometimes people screw up in life, if you screw up with your friends confront them and apologize. Having a good friend and loosing them is a horrible feeling. Try having that feeling multiplied by 100, which is what it would feel like not having any friends.

Picture yourself walking through the mall looking around seeing kids talking, taking pictures, and hearing laughter that has never left the inside of you because you have no one to laugh with. If you ever have the sense that someone might be left out, might not have any friends go and talk to them, see what happens. It could mean the world to them, and you will have a new friend to add to your list.