This I Believe

Janet - California
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: 65+

This I believe, that with God you can do all things. By this I mean, find a mate, have a fun career, be positive, enjoy everyday of your life even when trouble comes your way, forgive your enemies, see the good in everyone, learn from your children, take risks and find adventure in your life.

I came from a divorced family back in the 50’s. That was almost unheard of back then. I felt completely alone most of my childhood. Trying to hide the fact that I was from a divorced family. I would say to myself, my life will be different one day. And it was and it is. I brought God into my life as my friend and companion. My Mother was a Catholic and a Church going woman. My father left when I was born and I did not know much about him. I would say to myself, if there is a God, he will have me meet a wonderful man one day and I will make everyday of my life exciting with this man. I prayed and I met that man when I was nineteen years old. I was married at 20. Life is still exciting for me at sixy six years old. We traveled as far as Australia, we moved from New York to San Francisco, we had three great children, we owned our own business, my husband worked for IBM in the good old days, we challenged each other at school late in our lives. We teach marriage classes, and recently at 70 years old, my husband got his license to manage housing complexes. We continue to challenge one another, laugh together, and tell our life stories to our Grandchildren.

We never say, that’s it, we did it all, we keep looking for what we can do next to enjoy our life together. I believe we have a great life because of our belief in God and our willingness to keep asking what’s next for us to challenge. We love life and love sharing it with anyone that comes in our path. How could I not believe when I am blessed everyday of my life.