This I Believe

Luke - Newcastle, California
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that in order to get something people must truly want it and strive to get it with perserverance. I believe that if a person puts his/her mind to it and works hard at it then they can get or accomplish anything.

From a young age I have always been a competitor, whether it was in sports, school…whatever you can find competition in or just the meaning of accomplishing something, I was always one trying to win. Through many competitions I have found that there is only one way of getting that win, to have determination and a positive attitude. Determination to get up early and work hard and go the extra mile. Determination to sprint for the last 100 feet in a race to beat an opponent. Determination to go outside of pratice, taking time out of your life, to get better. It simply means that you have to work at something to see positive results.

I have looked at the sports professionals and geniuses in the world, and know that they didn’t get that way by not working, they got that way by having a positive attitude and striving to become the best or the smartest. Well, the professionals may have had a little help with there athleticism from their genes, and the geniuses may have been able to learn and understand things a bit easier than the average kid, but if a person dosent have the gifts that they have, they shouldn’t and can’t let that stop them. I believe that people are in complete control of their life and they can, when they have their mind set and know that they can do something, nothing will stop them.

It is the feeling and belief in yourself that will proplel a person tward your goal. the path won’t always be easy, but one saying that I go by and refer to is how to make a diamond. It takes a tremendous amount of pressure and after that, there is the chipping away and polishing to make it beautiful. If a person wants to make thier goal a diamond then they will have to go through an immense amount of work, an I believe that it is worth it in the end to have something that extraordinary to have and look at and say “yah, I did that. I made it and went through an enormous amount of work to get it, and I’m proud of myself.”

I believe that anyone can turn anything (any stiuation or goan) into a diamond. But be prepared for the work that you will have to go through to get it there.