This I Believe

Taralyn - Newcastle, California
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the resiliency of people. I am seventeen years old and so far in life i have learned most of what I know from the people i love. With all the advice and wisdom being thrown my way as i get ready to leave for college, this particular belief is the one I hope I will never forget.

How I came to this belief is through one of my most highly regarded role model, my grandma. I believe that the root of what i trully believe in begins wih her. In my family we rarely talked about what happened in World War II with the internment of the Japaneese americans, and I most certainly didn’t feel comfortable asking my grandparents about it. When i got older I learned that both my Grandma and my Grandpa had been taken to internment camps when they were just a few years older than I. That being said I will never forget what my mom taught me about my grandmother. Despite the hardships and unjustness of thier situation, my grandmanever once complained or dwelled on her problems. Like most others in her generation she accepted the situation for what it was, and set out to make the best of it. Even when asked about it years later she simply replied, “We did what we had to.” And to me that statement said it all.

Although she doesn’t know it, and would probably never admit to it, my grandma has deeply inspired me by giving me the foundation for what I believe in. Because of her actions in those defining moments of her life, she has shown me the type of person i want to become, and the very way in which I hope to live my life. Ever since then i have carried the belief with me that no feat is too great to overcome. Because of her it is possible for me to believe in the strength of people, and their power to trancend their problems. I believe that no matter what happens in life, people can always overcome their struggles and be even stronger for it in the end. I also believe that everything happens for a reason and that nothing is too great to overcome. For me this insight has always rung true, and i hope to pass this belief on to my children just as my mother and grandmother have passed it down to me. I know that as long as i hold this truth to be true, nothing can touch me. Because with all my heart I know that no matter what happens in life i will always be ok. All I need to do is to make the best of every situation, and do what needs to be done. This I believe.