Remember to Remember

Shaheen - Granite Bay, California
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: legacy

In a perfect world, on a perfect day, you would remember your whole life. Memory is the most everlasting quality in all humans. Why we have it is so our life has purpose. Without memory, what is the point of living? I create my life around my living memories and what I learned from them.

You never know when life might take a turn on you. When I was 14 I learned something in life that brought me a new appreciation for things. I learned that you mind neglects memories that have a negative impact on your life. I learned that we usually only remember the happy things. The actual reason for this is not what I was interested in. I was Interested in the nature of our living memories. Why we have them. I had come to realize that memories were the only thing that kept the world in harmony. Memories of a good time can help you in bad times. Memories of bad times can let you appreciate the life you have.

I once was visiting my grandmother in her senior home a couple of years ago and everyday on the way to the elevator we always past an old man in his wheelchair staring at the wall. I asked him once, what he was thinking of. He said to me, “My life, it was a good one.” This made me realize that shaping a good life is so important. Whether or not there is an after life, you will always have your memory at the end of the road. You only live one life and making it amazing and memorable is what is most important.

You can learn a lot from memories. Your character is built on memories of your past. Every day I hear different philosophies on life. Learn from failures, live life to its fullest, and so forth. But the real thing behind all these things, are really your memories. You want to live a life were you can look back and say, “I did good.” No matter what happens at the end of the road, no matter how lonely you become, no matter how sad, or how happy. Your memory is the one thing that makes you perfect.

I have already started my story, and shaped it in my memory. I think about the life I live often, and what I can do to make the story more exciting. You only get to write the story once. Remember to remember. This I believe.