This I Believe

Andi - Loomis, California
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in creation. Not so much in the biblical sense, but in the sense that everyone should have the ability to create something wonderful and use it at least once in their life. It doesn’t have to be something physical, though many are. You can never touch music, song, or poetry but they definitely qualify as creations. Tangible things are obvious creations and even the simplest ones can be beautiful. Creating a gorgeous lace sweater knit from three millimeter knitting needles is just as amazing as creating an adorable baby by simply following your basic instincts. Just creating something, no matter how easy it was to do, leaves behind your mark. It gives people something to remember you by, even if it’s something seemingly insignificant.

I’ve spent more than my fair share of time enjoying other people’s creations. It never occurred to me that if I quit dreaming about doing things and actually did them that it’d cause a big impact until the day I did. I had wasted so much time sitting around that my parents lost their patience with me. They thought I was turning into a boring lump and they were right. They forbade me from just sitting around without physically doing anything. I thought I could get around their new rule by picking up a hobby where sitting around was the main attraction. I taught myself to knit.

It was difficult when I started and my first attempts were just random knots on pointed metal sticks. It wasn’t much to be proud of. It was frustrating work but I began to enjoy myself. It took me twelve hours to complete my first scarf. It was lumpy and uneven but it was also thick and soft. To me it was the most glorious thing I had ever seen. And I was the one who created it. I was so amazingly proud of this long strip of cloth that I never thought I’d worship another accessory as much. That was, however, until I made my second scarf. It was better than my first and I thought I would just explode with pride whenever I wore it. Suddenly I wanted to do more. I wanted to create more. I wanted to make everything I was ever envious of but do it better. Do it my way. I began to sew, write and draw. I even learned to crochet. I wanted to create in everyway I knew how.

There is no way to beat the feeling of completing a project you’ve been working on for ages. There’s a feeling of excitement when you make something amazing and you can’t wait to share it with everyone you know. Not everyone is a Shakespeare or a Van Gogh but that’s no reason to not flaunt what you’re capable of. Everyone should shape something out of an idea at least once. This I believe.