This I Believe

brittney - Loomis, California
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I am seventeen and I believe that something as simple as a smile can impact a person immensely. One day I was really upset about something and I came to school and talked to my friends without mentioning I was upset. When the bell rang to go to class one of my friends gave me a simple hug goodbye and that random act of kindness changed my day and put me in a good mood.

Every person wants to feel “liked”. I believe the reason people will conform and try to impress others is because they want people to like them. Though I believe if you like yourself and are confident with who you are as an individual people will like you for who you are. Different people are at different stages of self confidence. How do you measure the value of happiness? I don’t believe money, materials or even animals can bring full happiness. People strive for love. When one likes another they will show it through random acts of kindness, therefore; a simple smile , wave or hug can impact a person because they feel “liked”. It is an easy way to make a person feel good about themselves. It is not just a confidence boost to the receiver but to the giver as well. Seeing the effect and impact they can have on another person can make the giver feel good about themselves as well.

I believe it is important to be aware of the impression you give people. I have walked around with a straight face, just not really thinking, in a good mood and because I wasn’t smiling or really showing expression I had someone ask me if I was “ok”. To the extreme, perhaps I could have walked by a person who was having a bad day and unconsciously made it worse, where as; the small effort it would have taken to walk with a smile could have helped that persons day. Being aware of your actions and keeping in touch with others feelings can better you as a person.

The grace of sincerity will definitely have a positive effect on your life. I believe it could help a person in a job interview. If a person gave out random acts of kindness daily then it would become natural to give the impression of a pleasant person to work with. If I was in a position to hire someone I much rather work with a kind hearted person who takes longer to learn things than a person who has a negative attitude and learns fast. Whether the positive impact is job effecting or confidence giving I believe random acts of kindness do effect peoples lives every day.

Overall I believe random acts of kindness can effect peoples lives greatly. It is such an easy thing to do. For such a simple action to have such strong effect on others makes it seem ridiculous to me to let yourself random acts of kindness. It is not always easy if your tired or in a bad mood yourself but I believe giving a sincere effort to make simple kind gestures will better any person. I believe in random acts of kindness.