This I Believe

Jake - Loomis, California
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe that music has a positive affect on the lives of most people and that it is one of the most powerful influences around today.

All my life I have listened but not until a couple of years ago has it really became a huge part of me and played a huge role in my life. I enjoy listening to music because i feel that it is a way for people to express themselves on how they feel about certain matters or just their emotions about personal events that are important to them. For me the one special song that probably has the most meaning to it is the song “When I Die” by New Found Glory because whenever i listen to it, it reminds me of my cousin who passed away my freshmen year of high school and it helps me remember all of the good times that we shared together and how much i i truly loved him.

However there is also for me the music that whenever i am feeling down or depressed that helps me get through the hard times. These songs have also played a huge part in my life and i believe that it has all been for the better and that it has always made a positive impact on me in that it somewhat helps me feel like a better person.

Now there is so much music around and so many different genres that it seems like there is music for everyone in the world and that just shows that there’s constantly, in my opinion, music out there making people feel better about themselves and helping them get through life easier and constantly making a positive influence on them.

Music is also constantly used by artist to express their opinions on political issues and now that the war is going on it seems to me that i have heard more and more songs about that and the artists expressing their opinion on it. I feel that one artist who is great at this is Bob Dylan. He always seems to have past songs about wars that have passed and very many other political events that have occurred.

My biggest hope for the future for everyone is that music stays as powerful as it is right now and if anything have it become stronger and continues to always affect people in good ways as it has to me because music has made me a different person for the better and is always having a positive influence on my life, this i believe.