This I Believe

Arthur - Roseville, California
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that you can find happiness if you don’t take negativity from others to heart.

I’m a high school student that is on my way to graduate. Mid way in my young life I felt that I was alone, unlucky, that the world was against me, angry and a failure at everything I attempeted. But I realized I was foolish and wrong when I simply let go of my anger and started to live.

My days of staying home alone sitting through the miserable and grueling hours of sitting in front of the video games, the computer, and then the TV has been changed. I now have different hobbies that involve hanging out with my friends who I laugh and hang with, reading of my favorite fictional space marines, trying out for the school’s next drama production, and some unorthodox hobbies such as painting miniatures, writing, and fencing.

I think that I have found happiness for I take care of myself and I’m not dependent on alcohol or drugs and not even soda. Many times have I been asked, are you into any kinds of drugs? Probably they ask that for my choice of unpredictable topics of conversations, off the wall jokes or my choice of monologues in my drama class. But simply I say no for I don’t need it, though I often joke saying I would be an addict if ice cream and tea were any form of narcotics.

The friends I had before weren’t friends at all for they never stood by my side when I needed them and they made me feel awful. I realized I had to get away from them and think for myself and not what they think. When I did I realized I didn’t belong with them I was destined to what some would describe me as a nerd, but I didn’t care for I was once in my life happy and I had stopped taking everyone’s criticism or insults on my shoulders but shut them out. Though I take in mind the words of criticism that are from my peers and parents along with my friends insults but they make fun of the things I shouldn’t do for they care.

With my new life and hopefully I will be long and prosperous I intend to turn my love of medieval history and acting into a career. I don’t know what destiny has in store for my decision of either being an actor or college professer in medieval history but I hope it will keep me near my friends and loved ones. I do truly believe that you can find happiness if you don’t take negativity from others to heart.