This I Believe

Kerstin - 59803, Montana
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I believe

I believe that my family is one of the most important parts of my life. I’m really close to my parents, my brothers and my twin-sister. They always make me feel loved, and they also give me the backing which I need to live my life. My parents have given and still give me a lot of possibilities to find my own way to live my life. One of the biggest options, which they gave me is the six month school exchange here in Missoula. Now I have the chance to improve my English-skills, to learn things about life, which I don’t learn at home or in school and I can have a lot of experiences. Maybe this experience will help me in a few years for my job or my own family; without their help I couldn’t do it. My twin-sister and I, we‘re completely different, but I know that she always has an open ear when I need her help and she supports me. She often helps me find solutions for problems and I know that I can always share good and bad moments with her. She knows me and often how I feel. My two older brothers are also very important part of my life, because I admire them for the things which they reached in life. They had both really bad times, but they always gave more than the best to reach their aim and found solution for the problem. Sometimes we also have arguments at home, but I think every normal family has bad times sometimes. When I need them then they’re always there to support me. I really hope that I later can give my family, especially my parents, something back. For example, my family gives me love, patience and ministration. My time here in Missoula is also a big chance for me to show my parents that they made the right decision to give me the option for this school exchange.