This I Believe

Justin - Missoula, Montana
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks, sports

I believe in trying something new, even if it might. About three years ago me and a

couple friends of mine decided we were going to learn how to skateboard. We bought some good

boards and quality gear and started learning. We would wreck but it was only scrapes and

bruises, nothing ever really serious.

One day, we were skating at the school and trying to jump over a curb. My friends were

jumping it no problem, so I decided “I’m going to try it”, I started at one side of the street and

headed to the other, trying to get a little speed but not to much.

I kicked the board up and came down and landed it! Unfortunately my feet weren’t

placed right and the board came out from under me.

“Wham”, I came down, and came down hard. My elbow hit the cement and forearm bone

got slammed up into the other one and split in half. I sat there cussing and swearing until finally

the school nurse came and put my arm in a splint. This I believe: that bones are very easily

broken when slammed against a cement side walk.