This I Believe

kathy - missoula, Montana
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

There are many things that I believe strongly about, but one of the most important things that I believe in is that everyone should be kind to one another. We shouldn’t discriminate one another no matter who we are. We should treat each other equally. No matter who we are: rich, poor, white, black, Asian, disabled in any way; people are people. No one is perfect.

One of the things that we can do to be kind to one another is to just be kind to each other. It’s just as simple as that. We can help each other out when someone is in need, or even just letting someone through when we are driving. Whenever my friends need help with their homework I always try my best to help them. No matter what I am doing at the time, if they need help I am there for them. That is just one example of how we can be nice to each other. Like the Golden Rule says, “Do unto others, as you would like others to do to you.” If we would all follow this rule, this world would be a better place, and a lot more peaceful.

When we are kind to each other, it brings out the best of all of us. It makes us have better days, and not as much bad ones. Like for example if one of your friends is having a bad day, you could give them something nice like coffee or chocolate; to make them feel better. If we did that, we would have less violence in this world, less murder, wars, fights, divorce, car accidents, discrimination, racism, and less prejudice. That is exactly what this world needs.

When we succeed to be kind to one another, to treat each other with respect, and to accept one another for who we are and not for somebody else then we would all be a lot happier. Because everyone is different, no one in this world is perfect and no one ever will be.

In conclusion, I think that when we show a little kindness to each other, it will come back to us. It will help make this world a much better place, and a more peaceful one. All we have to do is treat each other with respect and help each other out. Just use the Golden Rule, and don’t forget that everyone is different.