This I Believe

Rochell - Lolo, Montana
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that life is a game, play it. You’re not living your life if you watch it pass you by, be part of it, let your voice be heard by anyone who will listen. Everyone is different and that’s what is so amazing, it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t agree with you, because you may not agree with them. We live somewhere where it’s o.k. to be different, to stand out. Share your own opinion and be confident with it. Living your life is all about finding out who you truly are, and not letting outside influences change that. This game that we are all playing may be difficult and you may get the card where you have to go back two spaces, but keep on going. In high school this is definitely something that can be challenging, it seems as though people are separated into groups where you have to be qualified if you want in, and you are constantly changing who you are hanging out with. At times it may seem that you are stuck in this cycle of waking up going to school then coming home and doing homework. But don’t worry! You’re still playing the game of life; it’s all about testing out different ways of living and seeing where you fit the most. I know that there are days when you don’t want to show your face but realize that this is all part of the game. The next level is when you leave for college and the groups you may recognize from high school have now become much more vast. Take a chance and be yourself to see who you will end up being surrounded by, it may surprise you. You no longer have to pretend to be someone you are not, be yourself, and don’t forget to keep on playing the never ending game of life…live out loud.