This I Believe

Jordan - Missoula, Montana
Entered on September 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe there are a lot of hunters in the world. We have bird hunters, dangerous game hunters, and hunters that do all. We also have lazy people. People who dress up in camo, put orange vests on, throw there packs in the back, and rifles on their lap. Road hunters roam up and down a well beaten road to find one monster bull elk heading where it shouldn’t be. That trophy buck everyone dreams of seeing as a hunter. The ones that pop in a tape with the heat on high. Not me. I get up early and hunt the natural god given world. The mountains, the trees, every thing natural that the world has to offer. The natural forest has lots to offer when not on the bumpy dirt road. No dusty garss. No metal objects except for the one used for the kill. I want the natural free smelling air with a hint of pine and water blowing over my face. The birds freely soaring. Alone in your own world in your own place. Nothing but you and what hunt. No lifted 4×4 Chevy, leather seats and Willie nelson playing through the speakers. My boots tied on tight hugging my toes. That pack buckled to my chest ready to save my life. The rifle clinging to my shoulder standing between life and death.

The mountain is what stands between me and my trophy. Also the trees, brush, and grass to use as cover. I become one with the woods. I believe in myself. I become successful if I only work try and get into the life of what I hunt.

Many of the road hunters that you see are just plain lazy. Some have no choice because of sickness or they are crippled. I don’t see how it’s so hard to hike up a mountain and walk. Its exercise and it is way more fun. The nature is beautiful and all animals don’t hang around a road. They live in the mountains. People that road hunt are just looking for an easy kill. I really don’t enjoy seeing a road hunter become successful because of the work I put in. I think the work that you put in is a build up of points and soon you cash those points in for one of those trophies.

I’m not saying to band road hunting. I’m just saying get out in the woods. There is so much more freedom and life. I believe we need to explore our world more then from the roads.