This I Believe

Ian - Beaverton, Oregon
Entered on September 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe

I believe that ones person’s happiness is another person’s sorrow.

There are three memories in which I have been involved in that inflicted sorrow upon others. It was the first day of my new school and I was excited. As I waked into the building with a smile on my face I was rudely knocked down by this bully who knew I was a 6th grader. I quickly jumped back up and glared at him because of what he did then he smiled and threw a punch at me. From that point on, the sorrow I felt that moment was overwhelming to me. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy my upcoming year despite this experience and competition has caused me sadness and for others happiness as well.

I was participating in a gymnastics meet. It was vault I had done it a thousand times before so I had great confidence in myself. I saluted, completely full of adrenaline, so I took off at the word of the judge and as I sprang on the board and turned in the air to flip over the vault I knew something was wrong I hit short of the spring board and as I thought that I hit the end of it and everything went black. When I woke up later I had people around me some where laughing trying to look worried because they knew I had just mad a mistake and was out of the competition and they were happy that I lost

As the years went by from my other experiences I had one time that really stuck out one hurt more than others did. I was now in my sophomore year in high school and now realized that I was stupid for not doing homework and skipping school so much so I changed that and got good grades and ended the year with a 3.6 GPA the best I had ever gotten so far of the 3 years in high school. As I got the mail for my mom to see the progress I made in my work I knew that she would be proud that I had finally seen the error of my ways and was doing work. So as I handed her my report card she glanced over it fast and said why didn’t I get all A’s and handed it back with out any word of how good I did, as I heard that I just wondered what I had to do to get some recognition from her.

Because people are always searching for happiness, they can sometimes bring sorrow to other people without realizing it.