This I Believe

Monique - Canton, Ohio
Entered on September 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I am a young student trying to pursue a career in nursing. I attend college right now and love learning very much. As we all know college is extremely tough. You deal with writing papers, exams, tons of reading, and so much more. College is hard enough, but think how hard college would be by adding motherhood into the picture. That would be extremely difficult, but that is the other job that I have besides college, being a single mother. This ties along with my personal belief, no matter what obstacles that a person may run into, there’s always a way to get through it. For me, faith and taking the initiative to change the current situation is what keeps me looking for the brighter side of my problems. Life will have its share of challenges and struggles, but I believe that no matter what happens, those challenges will always get better.

When I first had my son, I really didn’t possess this belief. I thought a lot would be over for me. I thought that the job of being a mother would be so hard that I wouldn’t be able to work, or have a life. Most importantly for me, I wouldn’t be able to continue with school and pursue my career. This was very devastating for me, and for a long time, I battled the idea that I was some type of failure that would never amount to anything because of my pregnancy. A year passed, my son had just a couple of months until his first birthday, and I decided to enroll back into college. I completed my first year with stress, but very good grades, and I was back into the swing of things with no problems. Although my tasks are difficult, all I needed to do was take the initiative to go out there and try to take on the task and just have faith that everything would work out for me.

I never started to really believe in the concept of faith and believing positively until this tough situation happened to me. When I finally saw that it was possible for me to obtain the success I wanted, it kept me even more positive and I continued to strive for my goals.

I am now a sophomore in college, and even though I still have a while to go till my senior year, my past situations have only taught me lessons and have made me a lot stronger. I not only believe that my faith and being positive got me through my situation with being a mother, but it gets me through problems that I have daily, whether they be large or small.