Expression of Music

Andrew - Burke, Virginia
Entered on September 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the freedom and the satisfaction I get from expressing myself through my saxophone. Whether it would be jazz or classical music that I get to play, this art form is the most fulfilling activity that I do anywhere I go. I believe in the structured form of classical music, but what makes it so enjoyable is the possibility of interpreting that music in any way I desire. I believe in the musical freedom of jazz improvisation as I can let my imagination fly away through my saxophone. I believe in the readiness to learn and being open minded since all types of music require these characteristics.

My perspective on the expression of music was not always the same. I can still remember my sixth grade days when I was just learning to read music. Various symbols, notes, rests, dynamics, and breath marks kept me busy while I played my saxophone. Those were rigid days where my band teacher would instruct me and my fellow students to play exactly what it said in the music. What he failed to point out was the fact that I had the freedom to interpret the music to my own likings.

As I spent time in middle school band, I still did not discover the freedom of interpretation until I successfully auditioned for jazz band in eighth grade. This new form of music was something cooler, something more laid back, looser and wilder than any other music that I played up to that point. I really enjoyed playing this new form of music and it was here that I learned the art of improvisation. All I had to do was create melodies instantaneously by playing notes in random succession on a particular scale. This opened up a whole new world for me, and as I entered high school, I developed these skills up to a point where I started applying it to classical music.

Classical music was always something that seemed rigid, tight, and strict to the musician who was playing it. However, I started to interpret the music such as adding dynamics, creating a particular style of playing, and exaggerating musical directions. This discovery made playing music in band very enjoyable and brought satisfaction to musically expressing my self. Also, I always loved the sound, feel, and touch of a saxophone, and that just added to my fulfillment.

I believe that there is no governing authority in music that would force me to play in one particular way. If everybody was forced to play in a strict manner, then nobody would get satisfaction out of what they do. I believe that the freedom of expression is essential in all types of music, and that is why believe in the freedom and the satisfaction I get from expressing myself through my saxophone.