Honesty the Key

Jeremy - Bonney Lake/WA/98391, Washington
Entered on September 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

Recently I was provided with the chance to get an easy A on a paper. For me to accomplish this goal, I would have to use an unauthorized aid to help me cheat. The decision came down to me asking myself if I wanted to cheat, or be honest and do the hard tedious work. In the end, I decided to do the right thing and do the work. If it was not for that event which occurred during my junior year of high school I might not have done the honest work. Honesty is the key to success.

I used to not be a very honest person. I used to lie and cheat and to do anything to find the easy way. It took me awhile to realize that honesty is an admirable quality to have. I learned that lying only leads to trouble. Last year I got into some trouble when some friends and I decided to find the easy way out of several assignments. We got A’s on the papers but it wasn’t long before the teacher caught us and punished us for our actions. We tried to lie and told the teacher it was the only assignment that we had cheated on. Å few days later the teacher found we had cheated on more assignments and we got into even more trouble. After that experience I learned a valuable lesson. That honesty is the best way to live my life and that dishonesty will only lead to more trouble. Any form of dishonesty should never be accepted including lying cheating or any other forms. The easiest thing to do in any situation would be to be honest. Honesty is the easiest course of action because all the person has to do is tell the truth, but when someone wants to lie it requires thought and for them to create a false story to support their lie. The world is filled with lies and dishonesty. Dishonesty goes all the way up to the top of the government and the Vatican City all the way down to the common man. This deceit causes distrust and makes the world a much worse place then it has to be. If everyone was honest, then there would be no distrust and there would be no violence, no need for cops or the need for guns.

Honesty is the key to trust. Honesty keeps a clear conscience, and is needed in this world. If everyone was honest then we would be a happier place. The only thing that I can do to achieve this goal, is to live a good honest life and hope that others notice my honesty, and follow my example. This I believe would change the world.