Knowledge is power

Stevie - bonney lake, Washington
Entered on September 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Throughout my life I have been learning. Learning about myself, others, and the way the world works. Human interaction with another life form is a wonderful discovery experience. As a child I was extremely curious and thoughtful. I was constantly asking questions about everything around me. From the way someone talked, to why we don’t fly like birds. My mother would always try to answer my insistent questions as best as she could. As I grew older my questions changed. They grew more complex, and my mother no longer could answer them for me. Questions I ask now require that I look into myself for the answers.

I believe that searching for enlightenment is the best part of life. Enlightenment includes learning about yourself, culture, knowledge, religion, and science. We all have the opportunity to learn things; but it is our choice to follow through and actually try. I believe that enlightenment is the key for the human races success. There are so many people that live their life day to day never wondering what or why they live the way they do. They don’t question the decisions of other or how it might affect them.

Other countries around the world don’t have the same rights as the United States. Unlike us they cannot question things. If they did it might result in death. This is just another reason why I believe enlightenment is so important to me. Never could I imagine not being able to ask questions about everything. Thinking about those other places that can’t ask questions makes me appreciate even more that I can.

Over the years I have learned a great many things. Not all about myself either. Many of the things I learned were about the things around me. I just wish that more people would do the same. Those who haven’t have missed out on such a wonderful experience. As I said before, I believe that searching for enlightenment is the best part of life.