This I Believe

Jeffrey - Beaverton, Oregon
Entered on September 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

.This I believe.

People often use the term “immature” as an insult or in a negative way, but what’s so horrible about acting like a child? I can’t even count the number of times that somebody called me immature or told me to act my age. First of all I’m not an adult yet so I am acting my age and second, immature people have way more fun than responsible people so what is the point in being serious? I’m not saying that everybody shouldn’t be responsible and serious. There are times when one must be serious but that doesn’t happen often at all for an average person. I think that the only time we should be serious is when a life is in danger.

I enjoy being outside with my friends and having fun. I like to play crazy games with them that others would describe as dangerous and stupid. Some games that my friends and I play are Lava monster, hide and seek in a dark forest, and probably the most extreme game would be stick wars where the whole point is to throw big sticks at each other until someone surrenders. I think that anyone who says any of these games are boring have never played them or are trying to be “cool.” I also still love watching cartoons. My favorite TV show is still Dragon ball Z. The main character in the series lives life as a carefree person who acts like a child and avoids conflicts. His name is Goku and he doesn’t care about anything but having fun and the greater good of everything that lives. I’ve found that many guys put on an act to seem tough or cool. I have a friend named Corey Daily who likes to laugh and crack jokes when he’s around his usual friends but when he is hanging out with his other friends who wear expensive clothes, has a nice car, and always has money; he would try to be just like his friend. It really pisses me off when I see people who do crap like that.

I believe that the true nature of a human being is to keep the mind of a child. I try almost everyday to always have fun even during class no matter where I am. For every second I am mad I waste a second of being happy and having fun. I plan on having fun my whole life and not wasting much of it. People including some of my friends and even my parents think that my life goal is a childish dream that won’t work out. My dream is to go to Alaska and build my new life there with my own hands. That probably seems childish to many other people but who cares? I don’t.