I believe in Excercise

Erich - Portland, Oregon
Entered on September 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe that excursus is beneficial and essential. A lot of virtues can be learned through excessing. When you work out you feel better as a person and look better too. You have to be focused and on task to make sure you excursus everyday, which shows perseverance. Sometimes its hard and you get tired, so you don’t want to, but its important to stay focused and make time. After you excursus you feel great, and after you shower and clean up you feel revived, like a new person.

There are many things you can learn in life by excessing and feeling good about yourself. I know from personal experience after a hard or stressful day that even if you don’t feel like doing anything, going on a 30 minute jog can make you feel a lot better. A couple months last year i was lazy and stayed in watching tv or doing homework, and my overall mood was depressed and i felt sluggish. Even just going on a walk and being outside, playing catch or riding a bike remedies a stressful day. When you excursus you look and feel better which helps you be in a better mood. Everyone around you will enjoy your company more when your happy. The things you do during the day that aren’t fun will be less tiring and not seem as glum.

All in all everyone should be excercising at least once a week, if not only for the reason that you can eat more food but because you will look and feel better. It makes you learn a good lifestyle, and good life habits that will be important for when you make big decisions in your life. Also if you are a parent, it is a good habit for your kids to learn to be active, play sports and move around. There are no downfalls to excessing, there is so many positives and everyone can benefit. There are different excursuses for different people, and everyone can find one that fits them.