A Thought That Matters

Jordan-Dominic - portland, Oregon
Entered on September 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: tolerance

I believe every kid in high school is stereotyped or will stoop down to stereotype others. Generally kids stereotype people that may be different than themselves. Kids think being different or unique is wrong or bad, but my opinion is that difference is good and something to be proud of. If every single kid in high school was the same, then life would be boring and plain. Stereotyping others is a way of feeling superior, but it can also be second nature to most teenagers, and could also come across as racism or sexism.

It’s impossible for a kid to walk down the hall and not think something to themselves about another student. There is something about the teenage mind that they think they are better, way better than everyone else. They may also think that they are always right and you are always wrong, but usually that is not the case. An example of this could be, one sport thinks they are more dominant than another even if they are not related in anyway and have different attributes. One more example could be, all rich people are snobby.

Stereotyping is natural but the way you come about it is what matters. Many people such as myself naturally have stereotypes about people but do not say them and I actually take the time to get to know the person. Most times when people take the time to get to know someone the stereotype then disappears or fades. Stereotyping can hurt people emotionally. It can affect somebody’s life. It can affect the outcome of ones life. It makes people insecure about themselves. People already have insecurity’s and stereotyping makes their confidence go down. Life does not get any easier when people make unnecessary comments about your interests, physical appearance, or family background.

A personal experience of stereotyping for me would have to be how people stereotype jocks. This type of stereotyping generally comes from the media, such as; television, movies, books, etc. The stereotype of a jock would be rude, stuck up, disrespectful, snobby, spoiled, or being anti social. A movie that distributes the idea of snobby jocks is, John Tucker Must Die. I believe that people should get to know the individual before getting sucked in to the stereotypes produced by society and the media. Stereotypes may sometimes become facts or seem realistic but there is no reason for them to be said or mentioned.

Life is hard as it is but by eliminating stereotypes peoples self esteem would increase enormously, and stereotyping is not impossible to fix throughout the world. People who stereotype others think they are making themselves feel better than everyone else but if they got a taste of their own medicine then maybe they would stop doing it. If everyone knew how it feels to be put down day in and day out then they would learn that stereotyping needs to come to a stop.