This I Believe

terence - beaverton, Oregon
Entered on September 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, respect

Growing up I was closer to my dad then anyone else in my life. We were and still are best friends. He always believed in me and my goals and helped me achieve them when he could. Looking back I think of how I did not always treat him with the respect he deserved. Everything he did and does was always for me, my sister or my mom. Rarely did he go out with his friends or do something by himself when I was a child. When I wanted to play basketball with him he always made time for me. When I wanted to ride a motorcycle he was the one that helped me pay for it.

When I was fifteen and sixteen and even sometimes today I was a crazy kid and always getting into trouble. Whether it was as small as getting into trouble at school or as serious as getting into trouble with law my dad always was there to let me know what I did was wrong and to help me through the punishments. When my dad used to spank me when I was little, as he often had to, he would say “this hurts me more than it hurts you”. At the time I did not really understand what that meant and did not believe it either. Now I know exactly how he felt. He had to punish me for my bad behavior but he loved me so much it hurt him to have to spank me. Now I know that my father was not talking about physical pain but emotional pain.

Now that I am somewhat older I understand that everything my dad did and still does is always in my best interest and he does it because he loves me. My dad and me have been through a lot of hard times together but more importantly we have had the best of times together. Whether it was riding motorcycles and ATV’s in the woods or me vowing to not talk to him till I got my way my dad was always the best dad he could be and that is more than enough for me. That is why I believe in the power of a strong father/son relationship and respect for your parents because even though you might not think so they are doing what is best for you.