This I Believe

Andre` N. Gama M. Gaio - Portland, Oregon
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

In my life until now, I had a good education in great schools, which gave me a clear idea about the world and the society. I can say that I know what is wrong to do, and what is right, which does not means that I do only right things, but means that I always know what I ‘m doing.

People don ‘t do wrong things because they are bad, they do it because they don ‘t know what is bad and good.

I believe that education can change the people view about things. I believe a revolution in the educational system, not only by the students but mostly by the schools. I think that the schools need to change what they are proposing for the students. In stead of trying to make good engineers, doctors, they should try to make good citizens. This is not about knowing all the subjects and getting A in the tests, it ‘s about learning how to act with ethics in front of situations.

One day I was at school when a boy started dropping water on the floor. I told him to stop wasting water. He said he was not going to stop because he did not cares about people suffering without water, and that he just cared about himself. I really don ‘t believe that this boy knew what he was talking about. If he had a better level of education he would understand what he said, and had realized that it was not good at all.

If people are instructed since young to view things in a different way, we will be getting closer to a very good and respectful society. I ‘m Andre’ Gaio and this is what I believe.