This I Believe

Nicholas - Portland, Oregon
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I grew up in a small town where there wasn’t much but farm work and friends to keep entertained. Academics and philosophy were nothing smiled upon. If you didn’t play for the high school team, you wouldn’t get far socially.

It was this that brought me to believing what i do. After moving to a much larger, more diverse city with many times the opportunity, I took the many new things that I had learned and put them together with what I had grown up with.

After some two or three years it sparked something in my mind. It made me think about what I really believe. What had I believed in? Nothing really. I never could believe in anything. The small town of course was very religious and showed many hypocritical values, while the large city had many diverse ideas all conflicting with each other. Taking a look at them all, more often than not, I just couldn’t find any passion in what an organization was about.

From this I found that I liked a lot of ideas from everything, also scratching out many others. It finally clicked. I just couldn’t believe in anything that didn’t have definite ground in what a person could conceive and clearly know to be true.

There was then no right answer to me. This began to shape my life in the next two years to the present. It showed me who I truly was. I had something to believe now, like many of my more confident piers who had found their beliefs long before, or just recently.

I believe in life, something that cannot deceive me, cannot trick me, and will not guide me to do something I would not agree to do. From this I opened myself up to the world and began producing ideas that could help society someday. Whether it be major or just my little part in moving this planet along in it’s pathway, helping us learn just a little more to make that decision to finally make things right, whatever right may be.