This I Believe

maria - portland, Oregon
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Many children have a difficult life because of theie hame. Parents need to take care of

their children so that children don’t have many problems in their life.

My father did not take good care of me. He left when I was 3 months old. My

mother and Iwere living together for 15 years and in that time I did not know what my father

looked like, what color he was, and if he was tall or not

I need to tell you the things that some of the parents have to do. If ypou get

someone pregnant, you have to be responsible for your child. My father did not take care

of me but my mother did. If you know you couldn’t take care of a child please don’t make a

girl pregnant because you are not responsible. So like me now, I don’t have affection with

my father but with my mother I do have affection with her because with my mother we were

together for 15 years and with my father just2 years and half. That’s why I don’t have

affection with him.

My father and mother don’t like each other because I was born a baby girl. My father

wanted me to be a baby boy because his brother has 3 girls and he told my dad his wife

will give birth a girl but my dad didn’t believe him, and after I was born my dad leftmy

mother and run away. After years my dad went to Congo and took me with himto USA.

When I was in my father’s housemy father always said tome I couldn’t call my mother

in the house and he didn’t want me to be in contact with my mother or my other family in

Congo. He wanted meto be separedwith my mother,but didn’t work because I love my

mother more than him so no one can tellme to be away from my mother or family.

I hope every parent in the world would take careof their child. Your childcan be girlor

boy—every child is a child because you don’t know why God gave you a girlor boy. I tried

so hard to keepthe relationshipbetween both of my parents, and now both are good and

sometimes my dad call my mother and sometimes my mother callmy dad too.

Parents take careof us and I hope you to like this essay because it can help you and

your family.