How Organization Helps Me

Allison - Portland, Oregon
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Some people have things that bother them. For me personally, it’s not organizing my things. For example, when I am trying to find my school assignments, I organize my binder by dividing my class assignments. I believe organization makes me a happy person.

When I come home from school ready to do my homework, I usually do it at the kitchen table, because the desk in my room is all cluttered. Why don’t I clean it you ask? Well, there is a simple answer, it’s because I’m lazy. Being lazy definitely doesn’t help me at all, because I don’t end up getting anything done. If I were proactive instead lazy, more things would get done.

One morning I was getting ready for school and freaked out because I hadn’t laid out my clothes. I was panicking because it took me forever to get an outfit together. Plus, i had to walk to the bus. I was running out of time. Makeup always takes a while to put on. When I finally finished getting ready, I sprinted to the bus and ended up missing it. I was really frustrated and had to go back home. My mom had to drive me to school, and she was annoyed with me. She had to help me because of my carelessness. In her mind I was probably a huge burden that day. I couldn’t help myself, because of my laziness which is unacceptable. After that little mishap I’ve learned that I need to be more organized so I can function during the day.

Another situation I’ve had to deal with is cleaning the bathroom. I rarely do it, again, because I’m lazy, although I know that’s a poor excuse. When I have to clean that particular room, it seems like it takes forever. I really only clean the bathroom when we have company over, so it gets dirty really fast, but I’m puzzled as to why. Having a brother and sister who share the same bathroom gets on my nerves sometimes. Between all three of us, there are only two sinks and I have to share mine with my little brother. He always leaves the toothpaste from his toothbrush in the sink. It’s so disgusting, at least I take the time to wash mine down the sink.

I’ve learned that laziness doesn’t get me anywhere. It has always kept me from doing the things I should do to help myself and my family. I am going to be more proactive and organized so I can live a lifestyle that keeps me occupied, alert, and positive. From now on when I mess up I’m going to fix it by myself and not depend on my family for the answers. I believe organization will help me a lot in my life.