This I Believe

Casey - Beaverton, Oregon
Entered on September 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I believe

When it comes to my life, there are many things that are important. There are many things that I believe. Some that mean not very much and some that mean a lot. There are many things that I dream, and that I would do anything for that dream. Not all of the dreams that I strive for, I can reach. But I know if I do it with all my heart, I begin to believe that I can reach them. And if I don’t reach them, I just keep my head up high, and set another dream or goal to strive for. I always believe that I can reach them. I believe I can reach what I believe too. There is one thing that I know I believe. I believe that family is everything.

There is nothing better than family. I think about all of the things i my life. No matter what, I can’t think of anything better than my family. I think of my friends, my favorite food, my trip to Cancun over the summer, a girlfriend, a big house, a cruise, a Ferrari or Mclaren F1, all the money in the world, and no matter how wonderful all of these things are, none of them even compete with my great family. Of course I am not going to lie: I would love to have any of those things that I said.

My family does so much for me. My family is always there for me. When I need help or am in need, and my friends aren’t always there for me, I can always go to my family. I believe having friends is important. I can almost always go to my friends when I am in need, if they are my true friends. My family is my friend. I can always spend time with my family. Especially when I have nothing to do on saturday nights with my friends I can always just hang with my family. In this case sometimes my friends are my family, because friends are something that I believe everyone should have. I can always go to my friends to talk, and the same with my family.

My family is very important to me. I have so many memories that are made with my family. I can always hope for more with other things in life, but with my family, all I hope for is what I already have.